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The Potato Sustainability Initiative (PSI) is a partnership of growers, grower organizations, processors, potato product buyers, the National Potato Council, the Canadian Horticultural Council and the IPM Institute of North America, working to improve the sustainability of potato production. For more information, please visit the PSI website at:

  • Field to Market- Fieldprint Calculator

  • Global GAP- Benchmarking Checklist for Crops

  • Leafy Green- Supplier Sustainability Assessment

  • McDonald’s- Social Accountability Questionnaire

  • National Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture - Commodity Specific Sustainability Assessments: Potato

  • National Potato Council- National IPM Protocol For Potatoes

  • Stewardship Index For Specialty Crops- SISC Metrics and Calculator

  • Sustainable Agriculture Initiative- Practices & Principles for Arable and Vegetable crops

  • Sysco Sustainable Ag/IPM Program

  • Wisconsin Eco-Potato Partnership- Healthy Grown Standard



Potato sustainability Initiative (PSI) Public Records

The Annual PSI Survey results, displayed as a public report. The report shows the performance of potato growing operations in adopting integrated pest management techniques that lead to improvements in stewardship of environmental, human and financial resources.