priority issues

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule NPC is asking for a number of changes to the ELD Rule and Hours-of-Service regulations in order to minimize the negative impact on perishable agriculture. 

Immigration Issues

Immigration Reform  The agriculture industry is in crisis due to the instability of its current labor supply. NPC supports comprehensive immigration reform and believes it must precede enforcement.

potato research Vital competitive potato research funding has generated huge return on its public-private investment and should be strengthened in the future. 

potato exports Export growth is essential for the economic health of the potato industry.  NPC supports trade policies and program to strengthen that growth into the future. 

issues overview

farm bill NPC is a co-founder of the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance which fights for policies that enhance federal farm policy for the fruit and vegetable industry.

environment The potato industry is committed to enhancing its stewardship of the land through common-sense environmental policies.

Nutrition School and consumer access to cost-effective, nutrient dense specialty crops such as potatoes should be encouraged by federal policy.

Regulatory Reform NPC fights to reduce the overregulation of the potato industry and increase the competitiveness of our industry both domestically and internationally.