Food Safety

Our Position

Domestic and global markets require that U.S. potato producers deliver a safe and sustainable product. To achieve that goal, NPC supports risk-based, commodity-specific programs to ensure the safety of all U.S.-grown potatoes. NPC encourages all federal agencies to apply the same principals and standards to food imports, including any related grading and packaging requirements.

Protection of the Food Supply Chain – COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic caused far-reaching impacts for the American economy and specifically the potato industry. Sixty percent of the potato industry serves the food service sector and much of those sales disappeared as the shutdown began. In one of several attempts to provide some relief, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency order to provide flexibility in food labeling. This order allowed packaging designed for food service to be amended to allow sales at retail establishments.

Worker Safety Under COVID-19

NPC is actively engaged with the federal government in ensuring that worker safety is implemented in a strong, effective, and productive way. Federal regulations related to Worker Protection Standards have been in the process of updating for several years. NPC is committed to their goal while also ensuring they limit opportunities for activist litigation against well-intended farmers.

As the agriculture industry confronts the future challenges of physical distancing and personal protection in the wake of COVID-19, we continue to work with the federal government for clear guidance and resources to ensure our essential workers can do their jobs safely.

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