Grower Supporters

NPC’s annual Grower Supporter campaign provides resources to leverage the potato industry’s collective economic strength to advance our public policy agenda in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

The contributions of our 2023 Grower Supporters were critical. Last February, NPC released a report authored by Michigan State University economists that analyzed the national economic contribution of the U.S. potato industry to the United States. The report found that the U.S. potato sector is a driving force of America’s economic prosperity, delivering an estimated contribution of $100.9 billion in 2021 alone, and supporting more than 714,000 domestic jobs. We can now show policymakers that potatoes are an incredibly important crop that supports the economy of America’s rural communities and the country. America truly is a Spud Nation!

We have a lot of work ahead of us. With a Congress and Administration focused on issues that could impact the ability of potato growers to farm, NPC’s advocacy efforts are more important than ever. In 2024, NPC is focused on top potato industry priorities, such as:

  • Ensuring potatoes retain their rightful place in federal nutrition programs
  • Opposing tax increases on the potato industry
  • Pushing back against overreaching regulations on the agriculture industry, like WOTUS and the SEC Climate Rule
  • Investing in potato science and research
  • Advocating for transportation reforms and infrastructure investments that make it easier to get potatoes to market, both domestically and internationally
  • Supporting ag labor reform provisions that ensure a sustainable workforce
  • Building on the success of the Japan FTA with new market access
  • Promoting U.S. potato industry’s rightful share of the 2024 Farm Bill
  • Ensuring that foreign pests and diseases are not introduced into the U.S. and harm our growers’ ability to produce and market their crop
  • Promoting additional free trade and market access agreements

To be successful in 2024, we need the support of our growers. Click here to register your support for NPC and to help amplify the potato industry’s voice in Washington, D.C.

2023 Grower Supporters

As NPC continues to fight for the U.S. potato industry, we want to recognize the 414 growers and industry partners who joined our 2023 Grower Supporter campaign. Due to your continued support of this organization, we are able to continue our efforts to amplify the voice of the U.S. potato industry on Capitol Hill and throughout Washington, D.C.

2023 Diamond Supporters

Jared Balcom, Balcom & Moe Inc., WA

Taylor Grant, Grant 4-D Farms, ID

Randy Hardy, Hardy Farms, Inc., ID

Lake Seed, Inc., MT

Okray Family Farms, WI

Lynn J. Olsen, L.J. Olsen, Inc., WA

Richard Pavelski, Heartland Farms, Inc., WI

Britt Raybould, Raybould Brothers Farms, ID

Edward Schneider, Schneider Farms Pasco LLC, WA

Schutter Seed Farm, MT

Sid Schutter, Schutter Seed Farm, MT

Benjamin Sklarczyk, Sklarczyk Seed Farm LLC, MI

Donald Sklarczyk, Sklarczyk Seed Farm, MI

Tim Venhuizen, Spring Creek Farms, MT

David Warsh, Warsh Farms, CO

Lynn Wilcox, Floyd Wilcox & Sons, Inc., ID

Tony Wisdom, Skagit Valley Farm LLC, WA

James Wysocki, Wysocki Family of Companies, WI

Worley Family Farms, LLC, CO

2023 Platinum Supporters

Larry Alsum, Heidi Alsum-Randall, and Wendy Alsum-Dykstra, Alsum Farms, Inc., WI

AgriNorthwest, WA

B & H Farms, ID

Dennis Bula, Bula Potato Farms, Inc., WI

Josh Bunger, Bunger Farms, WA

Richard Crapo, Nor Vue Farms, ID

Mark Darrington, Big D Farms LLC, ID

Steve Diercks, Coloma Farms Inc., WI

Peter Ewing, Ewing Farms Inc., MN

Kimberly Freeman, Airway Farms, Inc., WA

Steve Gangwish, CSS Farms, LLC, NE

Jackson Hall, ND

Eric Halverson, Black Gold Farms, Inc., ND

Lisa Hickman, Countrywide Potato / Thompson Seed Potato, NE

Dublin Farms, Inc., VA

Keith Holland, Holland Farms, CO

Scott James, Triple J Inc., NC

Michael Cohen & Jeff DeWald, Agribusiness Succession Advisors, CO

Brett Jensen, ID

Alan Jones, Jones Potato Farm, FL

Brian Jones, Sun Valley Potatoes, Inc., ID

Keith Jorgensen, Jorgensen Farms, ID

Greg Juul, G-2 Farming, LLC, OR

Bill Kimm, Kimm Seed Potatoes, MT

Dominic & Rachel LaJoie, LaJoie Growers LLC, ME

Dave Masser, Sterman Masser, Inc., PA

Andy McGlinn, Crown Farms, ME

Dave Moquist, O.C. Schulz & Sons, ND

Grant Morris, Schneider Farms-Pasco LLC, WA

Dan Moss, Moss Farms, ID

Ryan Moss, Moss Farms, ID

Randy Mullen, Mullen Farms, WA

Fred & Blake Olberding, Cloud 9 Farms, WA

Randall Palmgren, Palmgren Farms, Inc., CO

Brian Sackett, Sackett Potatoes, MI

Joseph Thompson, Thompson Seed Potatoes, NE

Jason Tillman, Monte Vista Potato Growers, CO

Palmgren Farms, Inc.,

LaJoie Growers, LLC, ME

R.D. Offutt Farms Wadena, ND

2023 Gold Supporters

Les Alderete, Skyline Potato, CO

Bryan Alford, Alford Farms, Inc., WA

Tony Amstad, Amstad Farming Co., OR

Dean Bair, Thompson Seed Potatoes, NE

David Bartlett, Bartlett Farms, ME

Chelley Beck, WI

Nic Behrend, ID

Blake Bennett, Tri-Cities Produce, Inc., WA

Bittersweet Farms, ID

Micheal Brooks, Dusty Lane Farms, NJ

Dave Budd, Metzler Systems, Inc., NJ

Ellie Charvet, RDT, LLC, WA

Ralph Child, Childstock Farms, NY

Daniel Chin, Chin Family Farms Organic, OR

Bart Connors, Skone & Connors Produce, WA

Steve Crane, Crane Bros. Farms, ME

Justin Dagen, Dagen heritage farms, MN

Segundo & Miguel Diaz, Martinez Farms, CO

E.J. Dorsey, United Insurance, ME

Keith Doyen, Willard C. Doyen & Sons, ME

Daniel Dyk & Bill Lee, Dyk Seed Potatoes, LLC, MT

Nate and Tim Eames, Eames Acres, Inc., ID

Katie Floming, Neumiller Farms, Inc., IL

Jared Gehring, Gehring Agri-Business, ID

Dean Gibson, ID

Roderick Gumz, Gumz Muck Farms LLC, WI

John Halverson, Black Gold Farms, MO

Doug Hanks, Hanks Farms, Inc., ID

Greg Harris, Castle Rock Farming, OR

Brent Heisler, Johnson foundation seed, ND

Ragen Horst, E.K. Bare & Sons, Inc., PA

Peter Imle, Pine Lake Wild Rice Farm, Inc., MN

Dennis Iott, Iott Seed Farms, MI

Jeff Jennings, John E. Ferebee Farming, Inc., NC

Klaren Koompin, Koompin farms, ID

Lloyd Kuster, Bremer Insurance Agencies, Inc., ND

Glenn Leep & Ryan Tucker, 4L Family Farms, LLC, MI

Mike & James Macy, Macy Farms, OR

John Marker, Marker Farms, MI

JW Mattek, J.W. Mattek & Sons, Inc., WI

Blake Matthews, Matthews Land & Cattle LLC, ID

Tim May, Frenchman Valley Produce, NE

Dayle Mecham, Mecham Bros, LLC, ID

Todd Michael, Michael Family Farms, FL

Kathy Michael Sponheim, Michael Family Farms, OH

Bryan Mickelsen, Rigby Produce, Inc., ID

Gerald Miller, Aroostook Produce Dist Inc., ME

John Miller, John Miller Farms, Inc., ND

Tyler Mitchell, Mike Mitchell Farms, LLC, CO

Roger Mix, Mix Farms, CO

Norm Nelson, Sterling Hill LLC, WA

Brian Neufeld, Neufeld Farms Ltd., CO

Bradley Nilson, Nilson Farms, Inc., ND

Kent Palmgren, Kant Palgren Farms, CO

Walter Parkins, Royal Farms, Inc., MN

Nick Phelps, M K Phelps Farm, Inc., NY

Richard Polatis, Polatis Farms, ID

Jay Savage, Savage Farms, Inc., MA

Kevin & Heidi Schleicher, WI

Craig Searle, Sage View Ag, LLC, ID

Kevin Searle, GPOD of Idaho, ID

Scott Searle, Pine View Farms, LLC, ID

Joe Seis, Sterling Farms, LLC, WI

Jason Selvidge, Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Company, CA

Daniel Sifer, Herr Foods Inc., PA

Michael Sitzmann, Dawson Farms, LLP, ND

Rodney Smith, Blanca Potato LLC., CO

Nick Somers, Plover River Farms Alliance, WI

Ed Stastny, Stastny Farms, OR

Ed Staunton, CA

Steve and Paul Streich, Steich & Associates, MT

Harry Strohauer, Strohauer Farms, Inc., CO

PA Cooperative Potato Growers, PA

Jeannie Tapley, Maine Potato Board, ME

Johnny Thiele, Gilleshammer-Thiele Farms Inc., ND

Preston Thiele, Gilleshammer-Thiele Farms Inc., ND

Evan, Tom, & Andrew Torkelson, Torkelson Bros. Inc., ND

Kevin Troyer, Troyer Land Resources, PA

Margaret Goehl Trujillo, Goehl Ranches, Inc., CO

Jeff VanOrden, VanOrden Enterprises, ID

Bryan Wada, Wada Farms, ID

Gold Dust & Walker Farms, OR

Jack Wallace, J W Farms, Ltd., TX

Jake Wardenaar, Sunray Farms, LLC, WA

Mack Farms, Inc., FL

Marvin Wollman, Warden Hutterian Brethren, WA

Sandyland Farms, MI

2023 Silver Supporters

Ronald Abrams, Abrams Homestead Farms, LLC, NJ

Clen & Emma Atchley, Flying A Ranch/CEA Corp, ID

Brian Baglien, Tobiason Potato Co., Inc., ND

Keith Barrett, Richard Barrett Produce Co Inc., TX

Beutler Farms, ID

Jeffrey Blanksma, Golden Sun Farms, ID

Eric Blaser, Blaser Sandy Sage Farms, ID

Jonathan Blass, Coolridge Farms, PA

Mike Brooks, Dusty Lane Farms LLC, NJ

Bill Buyan, Buyan Ranch Inc., MT

Alan Collette Farming Association, ND

John Coombs, Coombs Sod Farms, NJ

Greg Ebe, Ebe Farms LLC, WA

Jeff Edling, MN

Scott Fenters, Easy Growing LLC, OR

Brent Flewelling, Flewelling Family Farms, ME

W.S. Floyd, W.S. Floyd Farms, VA

Vernon Frederickson, Frederickson Farming, LLC, OR

Lawrence Good, Crestone View Farms, CO

Hartman Farms, Inc., WI

Mark Hickman, Dublin Farms, VA

Barry Hill, Hill Family Farms, ME

Karl Hofmann, Hofmann Potatoes, NY

Jimmy Holland, F. A. Holland & Sons, VA

Robert Jackson, Robert Jackson Farms, ND

Kirk Jacobs, Silver K Farms, ID

Derek Jentzsch, Jentzsch-Kearl Farms, ID

Danny Johns, Blue Sky Farms, FL

Rodney And Dale Johnson, Johnson Brothers, MI

Russ Kehl, Kehl Farms, LLC, WA

Martin Kimm, Kimm Brothers Farming LLC, MT

Gerald King, King’s Potatoes, PA

Keith Labrie, Labrie Farms, LLC, ME

Harry McCall, Tri Winner Irving, AL

Doug Michael, Michael Farms, Inc., FL

Frank Nightingale, Nightingale Farms, LLC, ME

Lane Nordlund, MT

Ross Opsahl, MN

Erica Peabody, Fitzpatrick & Peabody Farms, ME

John Probasco, Probasco Farms, NJ

Chris and Valery Robbins, Barnett Farms, PA

Sheldon Rockey, Rockey Farm LLC, CO

Doug Ruff, Ruff Times Farms, ID

Leroy Salazar, Salazar Farms, CO

Bernard Smiarowski, Teddy C. Smiarowski Farm, MA

Roger Starkel, Starkel Farms, Inc., MT

Jason Stoddard, Stoddard Farms, Inc., ID

John Walchli, Walchli Potato, OR

John Wallace, John R Wallace Farms, NY

Mark Ward, Ward Ranches, OR

Bill Weber, Weber Farms, WA

Scott Young, Jeff & Owen Smith, Inc., ME

2023 Bronze Supporters

David Alexander, Potato Country Magazine, ID

James Alford, Alford Farms, Inc., WA

Clay Allen, Allied Potato NW, WA

Derek Allred, WA

Jerry Allred, WA

Wiley Allred, Sandslope Acres, Inc., WA

James Baker, James L Baker Farms, LLC, WA

Reid Baker, Baker Farms, WA

Maury Balcom, B & B Potato LLC, WA

Bryan Beck, Long Acres Potato Farms, PA

Diana Bedlington, Diamond Seed Co, WA

Jeff Bedlington, Cascade Farms Inc., WA

Samantha Bedlington, Pure Potato LLC, WA

Scott Bedlington, Dick Bedlington Farms, LLC, WA

Melissa Bedlington-Kleindel, Dick Bedlington Farms, LLC, WA

Trever Belnap, Ball Brothers, ID

Brett Bergeson, Bergeson Farms LLC, WA

Randee Bergeson, RW Bergeson Farms, WA

Kathy Blasdel, Kiska Farms, WA

Lonnie Blasdel, Kiska Farms, WA

Pascal Bolduc, Friehe Farms, WA

Brandon Boorman, Boorman Farms LLC, WA

Nic Boorman, Boorman Farms LLC, WA

Wes Boorman, Boorman Farms LLC, WA

Max Burns, Virgil Max Burns Farms, WA

Kristopher Butcher, Providence Farms, WA

Stacey Calvert, Calvert Farms, WA

Charlie Cedergreen, Van Dyke and Cedergreen Farms, WA

Dallon Christensen, Del Christensen and Sons, WA

Damon Christensen, Del Christensen and Sons, WA

Del Christensen, Del Christensen and Sons, WA

Michael Connors, Basin Gold, WA

Molly Connors, Basin Gold, WA

Pat Connors, Skone & Connors Produce, Inc., WA

Steve Connors, WA

Mark & Richard Corwith, Corwith Farms II, LLC, NY

John Crawford, Crawford Farms, Inc., CA

Kevin Datthyn, Abe Datthyn Farms, NY

Derek Davenport, Allied Potato Northwest, WA

Rob Davis, RHD, Inc., WA

Nick Desautel, John F. Desautel Farm Co., ND

Bob Diefenbach, Better Tater Farms, WA

Gary Diefenbach, Better Tater Farms, WA

Angela Diera, Skyline Potato Co, CO

Bob Dodge, Dodge & Dodge Farms, WA

Tom Dodge, Dodge & Dodge Farms, WA

Brian Drouhard, Bluewater Farms, WA

Tj Dykema, Trb Dykema LLC, MT

Cully Easterday, Easterday Farms, WA

Jody Easterday, Easterday Farms Produce Company, WA

Chad Egbert, Bradlea Farms Inc., WA

Danny Egbert, Bradlea Farms Inc., WA

Mike Elde, Skagit Valley Farm LLC, WA

Tom Elliot, Grandview Farms, WA

John Evans, Evans Farms, OH

Patrick Fleming, Fleming Farms Inc., MT

Troy Fletcher, Fletcher Farms, WA

Berend Friehe, Friehe Farms, WA

Derek Friehe, Friehe Farms, WA

Scott Galbreath, Columbia Bank, WA

Heath Gimmestad, Friehe Farms, WA

Jennifer Gogan, Miller Farms LLC, ME

Glen Goodman, Jones Produce, Inc., WA

Regan Grabner, CSS Farms, LLC, WA

Ken Gray, Bushwick Commission Co., NY

Frank Gross, Marlin Hutterian Brethren, WA

Fred Gross, Spokane Hutterian Brethren, WA

Jake Gross, Marlin Hutterian Brethren, WA

James Gross, Spokane Hutterian Brethren, WA

Philip Gross, Spokane Hutterian Brethren, WA

Daniel Gundersen, Knutzen Farms LP, WA

Kristi Gundersen, Knutzen Farms LP, WA

Justin Halverson, Halverson Farms, MN

Mark Hammer, Mullen Farms, WA

Randi Hammer, Mullen Farms, WA

Roger Hawley, Hawley Farms LLC, WA

Robert Hayton, Hayton Farms, WA

Jerry Heilig, Heilig Farms, WA

Kerry Heilig, Heilig Farms, WA

Mel Henninger, Rutgers University, NJ

Blake Higley, Sun Valley Ranch Inc., WA

Gilbert Hintz, Bench Mark Farms, WA

Jonty Hofer, Schoonover Farms, WA

Dan Holt, DH Farming, WA

Jack Holzer, Holzer Farms, WA

Allen Horning, Horning Brothers LLC, WA

Greg Horning, Horning Brothers LLC, WA

Warren Horning, Horning Brothers LLC, WA

Bob Hughes, Hughes Farms, WA

Dave Hughes, Hughes Farms, WA

Jeff Hughes, Hughes Farms, WA

Michael Hughes, Hughes Farms, WA

Ed Hummel, Hummel Farms, WA

Andrew Hyer, Desert Ridge Produce, WA

Chris Hyer, Genesis Organic Farms, WA

Brock Ingman, Maple Wood Farms, Inc., WA

Eric James, James Bros., NC

Reuben James, James Bros., Inc., NC

Adam Jensen, Jensen Farms, Inc. / AJ Farms, Inc., WA

Benny Johnson, WA

Deven Johnson, Weber Farms, WA

Gavin Johnson, Johnson Agriprises, Inc., WA

Nick Johnson, Johnson Agriprises, Inc., WA

Orman Johnson, Johnson Agriprises, Inc., WA

Jeff Jones, Jones Produce, Inc., WA

Ken Jones, Jones Produce, Inc., WA

Mike Jones, Jones Farms, WA

Steve Jorgensen, Steve Jorgensen Farms, WA

Riley Jungquist, Maple Wood Farms, Inc., WA

Roger Jungquist, Maple Wood Farms, Inc., WA

Conrad King, Deep Roots Farms, PA

Barry Kingsbury, The Kingsbury Co, ND

Stacy Kniveton, SKOG Enterprises, LLC, WA

Kraig Knutzen, Knutzen Farms LP, WA

Roger Knutzen, Knutzen Farms LP, WA

Tyler Knutzen, Knutzen Farms LP, WA

Kenneth Koompin, Koompin Farms, ID

Tom Kummer, Tom Kummer Farms Inc., WA

Al Lopez, Jones Produce, Inc., WA

Josh Lybbert, Weber Farms, WA

Frank Martinez, Saddle View Farms, WA

Juan Martinez, Saddle View Farms, WA

Ubaldo Martinez, Saddle View Farms, WA

Matt McCallum, Spudman Magazine, MI

Kelly McKnight, Pioneer Potatoes, WA

John McLeod, Glen Lewis Farm, WA

Travis Meacham, Friehe Farms, WA

Blaine Meek, AgriNorthwest, WA

David Mills, AgriNorthwest McNary, WA

Darrin Morrison, Skagit Valley Best, WA

Keith Morrison, Skagit Valley Best, WA

Ernie Myers, Mountain Valley Produce, LLC, CO

Jerry Nelson, Double N Potatoes, WA

Scott Nesbit, Del Christensen and Sons, WA

AJ Ochoa, Terra Gold Farms, Inc., WA

Austin Ochoa, Terra Gold Farms, Inc., WA

Allen Olberding, Olberding Seed, WA

Fred Olberding, Cloud 9 Farms, WA

Chris Olsen, Two O’s, WA

Connor Olsen, OSR Ag, WA

Derek Olsen, Olsen Ag Inc., WA

Owen Olsen, OSR Ag, WA

Shelley Olsen, Two O’s, WA

Lynn Olsen II, Olsen Ag Inc., WA

Wes Pahl, Pahl Farms, ID

Edwin Pelletier & Sons, Inc., ME

Mike Pink, Pink Farms, WA

Chris Piper, Piper Farms, WA

Eric Piper, Piper Farms, WA

Stephen Piper, Piper Farms, WA

Chad Platt, AgriNorthwest Riverbend, WA

Doug Poe, RHD, Inc., WA

Brandon Price, AgriNorthwest Prior West, WA

Traye Radach, Radach Farms, WA

Jordan Reed, JM Farms, WA

Henry Reiner, PA

Brett Reynolds, Reynolds Agribusiness LLC, WA

Havila Roberts, American Lady Growers, WA

Josh Roberts, American Lady Growers, WA

Erik Rogers, Island Potatoes, WA

Glen Roundy Jr, Roundy Farms/Columbia Waters Farms, WA

Brandon Schaapman, Integrity Ag Inc., WA

Larry Schaapman, Integrity AG Inc.., WA

Ken Schutte, Schutte Farms Inc., WA

Robert Schutte, Airway Farms, WA

Rod Schutte, Airway Farms, WA

Val Schwendiman Farms, LLC, ID

Tom Shane, Treehouse Produce, Inc., WA

Mathew Skogman, Skogman Seed Farm, MI

Brad Smith, S & B Farms, Inc., WA

Jenn Smith, S & B Farms, Inc., WA

Joe Sobolik, Clemenson Sobolik Farm, ND

Tom Solbrack, Canyon Crest Farms, WA

Tyler Sorenson, AgriNorthwest Prior East, WA

Albert Stahl, Stahl Hutterian, WA

John Stahl, Stahl Hutterian, WA

Sammy Stahl, Stahl Hutterian, WA

Boe Stallings, WA

Paul Stangeland, 3 Rivers Potato Services Inc., WA

Story Farms LLC, NY

Travis Stuber, Gallatin Grown LLC, MT

Greg Thaemert, Thaemert Farms LLC, WA

Kevin Thaemert, Thaemert Farms LLC, WA

Todd Thaemert, Thaemert Farms LLC, WA

Patrick Thiel, Prairie Creek Farm, OR

Mark Thompson, Thompson Brothers, ND

John Thulen, Pioneer Potatoes, WA

Frank Tiegs, Greenridge Farms, WA

Keith Tiegs, KT Farms, LLC, WA

Ted Tschirky, Sand Ridge Farms, WA

Tyler Tschirky, Sand Ridge Farms, WA

Richard Underwood, Underwood Farms, WA

Ann Van Dyke, Blakal Packing, Inc., WA

Blake Van Dyke, Van Dyke and Cedergreen Farms, WA

Eric Walker, Walker Brothers, WA

George Walker, AgriNorthwest Eureka, WA

Ron Walker, Walker Brothers, WA

Jack Wallace, Wallace Farms/G&D Wallace Inc., WA

Tim Wallace, Wallace Farms/G&D Wallace, Inc., WA

Willy Walter, Schoonover Farms, WA

Brian Waltner, Treehouse Produce, Inc., WA

Davina Ward Pink, Ramkissoon Ag, WA

Ray Wardenaar, Sunray Farms, LLC, WA

Adam Weber, Weber Farms, WA

Kevin Weber, Weber Farms, WA

Gerald Weyns, Weyns Farms, WA

Kees Weyns, Weyns Farms, WA

Eli Wollman, Warden Hutterian Brethren, WA

Mike Wollman, Warden Hutterian Brethren, WA

Paul Wollman, Warden Hutterian Brethren, WA

Jake Wollman Jr., Warden Hutterian Brethren, WA

Robert Woyak, Woyak Farms, Inc., WI

Dennis Wrights, AgriNorthwest, WA

Dave Wyckoff, Wyckoff Farms, WA

David Yorgesen, Yorgesen Farms Inc., WA

Kevin Yorgesen, Yorgesen Farms Inc., WA

M&M Grain and Produce, CO