EPA-USDA Farm Tour

NPC’s annual EPA-USDA Farm Tour allows federal regulators the opportunity to meet with growers face-to-face to better understand how their decisions have real-world implications on family farms.

In 2022, the Farm Tour resumed in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The three-day event allowed attendees from EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) to gain on-farm experiences, including aphid and spore monitoring, spray drone technology, ground applications, bio-pesticide trials, seed treatment, and chemigation applications. 

“It was a pleasure being able to interact with staff from EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs in my community and on my family’s farm operation,” said Bob Mattive, Colorado potato grower and NPC Vice President of Environmental Affairs, who hosted part of the 2022 tour on his farm. “The tour is an invaluable opportunity to share with regulators the complexities of producing a high-quality, high-cost potato crop for U.S. consumers and consumers around the globe in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Upcoming events:

June 2023, Pasco, Washington