Grower Leadership

Grassroots Driven, Member Led

As a grower-led organization, NPC is managed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors, which oversees its operations and provides guidance on its policy activities. Board members are appointed by the Executive Committee from recommendations submitted by state potato grower organizations and hold office for one calendar year.

At NPC’s 2022 Washington Summit in D.C., Jared Balcom of Pasco, Washington was elected to serve as NPC’s 2022 President and to lead the organization’s Executive Committee.

2022 Executive Committee

Jared Balcom


Pasco, Washington

RJ Andrus

First Vice President and Vice President, Legislative Affairs

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Bob Mattive 

Vice President, Environmental Affairs Committee

Monte Vista, Colorado

Ted Tschirky

Vice President, Trade Affairs

Pasco, Washington

Ben Sklarczyk

Vice President, Finance Committee

Johannesburg, Michigan

Dean Gibson

Vice President, Grower Outreach and Industry Research

Paul, Idaho

Dominic LaJoie

Immediate Past President

Van Buren, Maine

2022 Board of Directors


Miguel Diaz​
Tyler Mitchell​
Harry Strohauer


Nick Blanksma ​
Todd Cornelison ​
Mark Darrington ​
Randy Hardy​
Eric Jemmett ​
Brett Jensen​
Klaren Koompin ​
Jaren Raybould​
Craig Searle ​
Jason Stoddard ​
Alex Tiede​
Ritchey Toevs ​
Dillon VanOrden ​
Lynn Wilcox


Darrell McCrum​
Robbie Irving 


Rebecca Williams​
Kevin Storm


Lance Hapka​
Peter Imle


Dan Lake


Jon Gilley

New York

Ralph Child

North Carolina

Chris Hopkins

North Dakota

TJ Hall​
Keith McGovern
Brian Vculek


Kathy Michael Sponheim


Dan Chin​
Greg Harris​
Mark Ward


David Masser


Josh Bunger ​
Ellie Charvet ​
Heath Gimmestad​
Mark Hammer ​
Roger Hawley ​
Mike Madsen​
Grant Morris ​
Chris Olsen​
Albert Stahl ​
Adam Weber ​
Marvin Wollman


Mark Finnessy​
Jeremie Pavelski​
Eric Schroeder

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The NPC Executive Committee hosts the 2022 Washington Summit, Feb. 1-March 3, which brings the industry together to “Stand Up for Potatoes on Capitol Hill.” This includes leading growers and industry partners as they visit with their representatives in Congress to communicate the industry’s policy priorities.