NPC, Ag Workforce Coalition Calls on Congress to Address Labor Crisis

The National Potato Council joined 445 agricultural trade associations, agribusinesses, and farmer co-ops yesterday on a letter to Senate leaders urging the passage of an agriculture workforce reform bill this Congress.

“American farmers and consumers need the U.S. Senate to pass farmworker visa reform this year,” the groups state. “From the COVID-19 pandemic to the war in Ukraine, the range of challenges we currently face reiterates that our national security is tied to our ability to feed ourselves, and that ability is currently under threat due to the agricultural workforce crisis across America’s farms and agribusinesses. The domestic workforce shortage remains one of the greatest challenges impacting our farmers today.”

The groups noted that reform is critical to address the highest inflation in 40 years experienced by U.S. producers, workers, and consumers alike. According to a recent study by Texas A&M International University, immigration and ag labor reform can be linked with lower consumer prices for food.

NPC, as a member of the Ag Workforce Coalition, is working to enact long-term solutions that establish effective border security, a path to legal work status for undocumented agricultural workers, and sustainable guest worker programs to fulfill the ongoing needs in the potato industry.

Read more in the letter below.