NPC Endorses Congressional Resolution Supporting Checkoff Programs

Resolution in response to bill intended to undermine ag commodity boards

On July 13, the National Potato Council welcomed introduction of a bipartisan congressional resolution recognizing the importance of commodity checkoff programs, such as the National Potato Promotion Board (also known as Potatoes USA). The resolution notes the importance of research and promotion boards in developing and strengthening foreign markets, promoting agriculture research and advancements, and increasing consumer awareness of U.S.-grown commodities.

The resolution is in response to legislation introduced by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Corey Booker (D-NJ), and others intended to undermine the work of agricultural commodity boards. Variations of this legislation have been drafted for years and have been largely compelled by opponents of the commodity boards who disagree with their industry-funded and -led activities. If enacted, this legislation would substantially undermine the ability to promote and advance U.S. agriculture, both at home and abroad.

The resolution can be found here.