NPC 2023 Annual Potato Yearbook Now Available

Features updated production and consumption stats, grower and industry info, position statements, and program overviews

The 2023 edition of the Annual Potato Yearbook is now available, highlighting progress on NPC’s national legislative, regulatory, and marketing priorities. The Yearbook also features updated U.S. and world potato production and consumption stats, grower and industry contact information, position statements, and program overviews.

Noting the recent release of the Spud Nation economic impact report, which is included in the 2023 Yearbook, NPC President RJ Andrus writes in his message, “NPC’s Spud Nation report cements the fact that potatoes are an essential component to our prosperity as a nation, built and sustained by America’s potato growers, who put people to work in every city and town across our great country. Armed with this report and the relationships we have built with our allies in Congress, NPC and our state partners look forward to “Standing Up for Potatoes on Capitol Hill” and moving our industry’s policy interests forward this year and beyond.”

Click here to view an electronic version of the 2023 Annual Potato Yearbook.